Security Training , Baton, Firearm, Mace, Executive Protection and First Aid


BFSTA, Inc. is licensed by the State of California to train unarmed and armed security officers and other individuals interested in the security field. 


Our head instructor is board certified and has trained over 3500 students.

Custom and affordable programs available to fit your or your group's needs.

No Need to use your G.I. Bill


Private Patrol Operater
PPO #14257
Advanced Training
Baton & Firearm 

Other advanced classes are offered throughout the year and are available by special request. 

These include:

  • Arrest and Restraint procedures (Handcuffing)

  • BSIS Firearm Training 9mm,40 Cal, 38/357

  • BSIS Baton Certification

  • CPR-First Aid & AED

  • OC/Mace/Pepper Spray Training

  • Executive Protection Training Class

  • Firearms/CCW/CQC Training* Ventura Only

  • Coming Soon SB-1626 School Security

Looking to start your career as an armed security officer or executive protection agent? Or Only need to renew your current license?

Let's get you started today!



A preferred training academy by many private security providers.

Stop your search for a professional private security training and state certification. 


BFSTA, Inc. is the place to attend!

Whether you are a current security professional or just starting out, BFSTA, Inc. offers full-service security training programs and is committed to assisting you with career placement after training is completed.


TFF #1536

TFB# 1342

PPO# 14257


BPPE# 98908161

CAL-JOBS #430102


Coming Soon!! Orange County and Antelope Valley Location!!

                   Coming Soon!! Executive Protection Training with Real Airplanes.                             SWAT Training Classes  Late 2019

Active Shooter Training Coming Late 2019

Offices in Los Angeles

Ventura County &

Santa Barbara.

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