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Director of Training and Educational Services:  


BFSTA training instructor is an active law enforcement officer on a Special Task-Force Unit and is a retired deputy police chief, retired police reserve and sheriff lieutenant. Instructor Williams will be sworn into two new police departments in 2020. Williams is the President of the CACF Foundation 501C3,  that protects children from Child Predators, Active Shooters, Bullying and Teenage Suicide. Williams is the creator and director of a program that gets celebrities, business owners, medical professionals in police departments as reserve police officer. The program has become very popular with small agencies that needs extra help and funding. The program has Erik Estrada, Dean Cain, Royce Gracie, Hunter Pence , the program is getting national attention.


He is a certified Police Academy Instructor in California and several other states.

He has taught in several states on Human Trafficking, Teen Suicide, Crimes Against Children, Internet Safety and is currently on several civilian and police boards. He and his police team members have started a foundation that protects children and adults from serious crimes. He is now working with his department to form a new Celebrity Reserve Officer Task-force  in Community Services. He is currently sworn in with actor Erik Estrada,  who played Pouch on CHiP's and Dean Cain from Lois and Clark , Ripleys Believe or Not and Fox and Friends


He's worked four years as an Executive Protection Specialist with actor Al Pacino for four years, Marie Osmond, Wayne LaPierre, Bill Clinton, Erik Estrada , Elected Government Officials, High Profile Movie Premiers and the security consultant for the 2000 Los Angeles Democratic National Convention. Williams has conducted security protection details for several billionaires and Elected Officials . Williams has been the security consultant for the Hollywood Christmas Parade for seven years.


He is the main certified instructor in Advanced Baton, Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor , First Aid & CPR, Armed while Fying, Officer Involved Shooting Certified, SWAT Operator Certified, Handcuffing, Mace, MOAB ,Dignitary Executive Protection Certified by the DOJ, Team Leader of Specialize Units, Intelligence Elements, Narcotics, Advance Executive Protection Detail Team Leader,  Law Enforcement Certified Active Shooter Instructor, School Protection Specialist, Religious Protection Specialist & Law Enforcement TLO Terrorism Liaison Officer. 


Dean Cain & Royce Gracie Police Officers
Dean Cain & UFC Fighter Royce Gracie
Dean Cain & UFC Fighter Royce Gracie
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